Laurie Penny is an award-winning journalist, essayist, public speaker, writer, activist*, internet nanocelebrity and author of six books, including Unspeakable Things (Bloomsbury 2014), Everything Belongs To The Future (Tor, 2016) and Bitch Doctrine (Bloomsbury, 2017). Laurie writes essays, columns, features and gonzo journalism about politics, social justice, pop culture, feminism, technology and mental health. When she gets time, she also writes creepy political science fiction.

She makes words for money, trouble and social change, currently as Contributing Editor of New Statesman magazine,¬† as a columnist for The Baffler, and for lots of other outlets including The Guardian, Time Magazine, Buzzfeed, The New York Times, Vice, Salon, The Nation, The New Inquiry, Tor.com and Medium. When she’s not on the road, Laurie is based in London, UK.

If you have a question about Laurie’s books, or would like Laurie to come and speak at your event, please contact her agent, Russell Galen at¬†russellgalen (at) sgglit.com .

If you would like Laurie to write an article for you, talk at your conference or tutor your children in the ways of righteousness, get in touch at laurie.penny (at) gmail.com.

*On activism, journalism and how they fit together: here and here.

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